Who I am.

There are times when I feel like I’m in a free fall. Falling from stress, falling from struggle falling from my dream. At times I feel defeated other times I feel like I’m about to break through. All the feelings in the world can hold me in stillness, until I am sitting behind a person. The moment I take that first inhale and lay my hands down,my worries go away and my dream rises again to the top. I hear the music I shut my eyes and I breathe. I let my hands find their own way. Searching out the areas of stress. At that moment it’s not about how many modalities one can acquire. It’s about connecting with your client. Being in there personal space. Allowed to be there to help take away the pain they are feeling,trying hard not to take it upon yourself. The fluidity from the movement of your hands, the inhale exhale as the music flows. Letting their muscles guide the way. Showing you where you need to be. Neck, shoulders, arms,hands. Music making them feel like they are in the isle on the sand. Relaxed, safe, and melting. Drifting off into slumber letting the stress fade away. A feeling of calm and happiness drapes over me. Seeing the effect of these two hands. But I smile because its not just my hands, my craft is accompanied by my heart mind and soul. Something I was destined to do. Make people happy with the slightest of touch. Its taking Time to be there in the moment. The best moments. That final deep breath when you see they finally let go. Stopped being stuck in their own brain, giving in to the experience. The final minutes of the end. When you lay a hand on their back and ask how they feel. It’s the nod of the head or a whisper of gratitude. I did that I made a life better even if for a brief moment. I know when I show up a look of anticipation and happiness pours out.
That is why I continue to love and do what I do. No matter what the struggle, or what the stress is, I am reminded everyday why I keep pushing forward. For that moment. That sparkle, and that light that burns just a little bit brighter. I know my work is worth something. Massage is who I am. Who and what I will always be…..a healer.


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