You may think I am a doctor

You may think I am a doctor, but I am not. I am a massage therapist. I get a lot of questions concerning the body, but those questions also transfer to problems one may be having I can not explain. Even though what we do is healing to the body, it in fact does not give us the right to give a diagnosis on anyone. We are trained in the body mostly the muscles. It seems like we would know why your having pain in a certain area…we know most of the time what “may” be the cause but we can not define the problem as fact. As a LMT I urge you to go to the doctor with any real areas of problems going on in your bodies.. It not only helps us to navigate properly but you will have the peace of mind on what is officially the problem. All work done by a trained medical professional. We are the calm in the storm. Our job is to come in and see what we can do to help the body get back on track. I will do whatever it takes with my capable hands to help knead through the ruff patches,to give you back the benefits of a reduced to pain free life.


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