Well it is now January 2013. I am officially 8 years old!!! Confused? Lol well I have just had my 8th birthday as a massage therapist. It’s amazing how time flies. It has been quite the ride. Lots of ups and downs,good and bad. All worth it. Even now as I sit here and reflect on my choice of what I call love for a career, would I change it? Would I do anything different? Yes and no. Yes I would do things different. I would have not let my fear for the unknown future, and my fears of doubt in myself to go all the way hold me back. Me not believing in myself and my work I would do different. I would shut out all the people who didn’t have the faith and support in me to tell me I was actually good at what I do. Looking for that acceptance from peers and those I needed reassurance from. When I should have acknowledged my talent and not let those who said different hold me back. Change no. I am glad for all the nay Sayers for making me strong to be better. Things happen for a reason they say. I’m glad 8 years have passed and I am still in love with my work. At times it’s trying but I can’t seeing myself doing anything different. Massage has without a doubt captured my heart.
So to my future and 8 more years! Happy birthday!


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