Couples massage

So I have been tossing around a idea to teach a couples massage class. A business man I was working with about nine months ago was giving me different ideas to expand my business. One of them was teaching. Which really hit home.

I have always wanted to teach couples on how to give a decent massage . It gives the couples a chance to interact with Each other.reconnecting in a very busy world, and the power of touch is underrated and very under valued. Communicating through touch is a wonderful way to have that “one on one” time we all seem to not get. How many times have we asked for a back rub that had so much promise- started so strong then slowed down and dwindle to a super slow scratch?? we are all so guilty of that, Even me. It then turns into ” I’m tired, or my hands hurt”.

Having this time to learn about the correct touch will enhance a couples love life. It’s fun and as non serious as it comes. Leave the real muscle and bodywork to the licensed professionals. This is a couples time. Love therapy if you will. Slowing down the pace and focusing on the power of your touch. Letting your hands reflect how much you love them. That always shines through.

The class will be two hours.



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