Letting go.

Letting go. A action that is hard for many people. Many people that cross my path, have trouble just being in the moment. Thoughts swirling around, creating a mountain of stress. Thoughts of here or there, what to do next, yesterday’s problems, tomorrows problems. All common, for the average person. Some people however, learn to drop it all at the door. While some drag it in the room, and slam it upon the treatment table.

A busy mind can break your massage. It will rob you of what your there to do. Relax. If you choose, you have sixty to ninety minutes to let go of all that. Only if you choose though. I see the busy mind coming a mile away. I feel it. I hear it in your voice. I see the body language, shouting at me. So I take my time. I try to channel my calm to you. When I see you resisting me, I will ask you to take some deep breathes. Silly right? Breathe? You are breathing all day everyday. What will be the difference? This breathing is controlling. Controlling what? Controlling your mind. Your ability to control these deep breaths, forces you to focus on only that. With every inhale to exhale, you are unknowingly expelling all the clutter in your mind. Your focus becomes letting go.

A tactic that is well utilized. I want you to get every single morsel of the massage. In that brief window of time, it should be the time your taking for yourself. Just you. Nobody else is allowed in the session. It is my job to guide you. Guide you to that state of relaxation, where nothing and nobody matters. If you do not let me guide you, my work will seem un useful. A waste of yours and my time. So when you are asked to take deep breathes, please take advantage. Listen to the therapist. A true intuitive therapist will do everything possible to help quiet your mind. Be mindful, you have to be willing to cooperate and listen. Don’t let anything distract you from bettering your health and expelling toxic remains of a cluttered mind.

Massage therapy is about healing. If made apart of your life on a regular basis, it can promote nothing short of positive results. So for the crowded minds, next time you are being given a massage, enjoy it. Please do not fight to stay inside your own head. Deep breath, and let go.


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