Being sick. We have all been there. Some,more then others. Being a massage therapist you must take care of yourself. Taking vitamins and getting enough rest is the best to stay afloat. Staying away from anyone who is ill. Being extra tidy and sanitary etc.

Clients who receive a massage when they are ill, pose a threat to the therapist. If you feel a cold or sickness coming on, please steer clear from receiving a massage. If in the beginning stages it might seem like a good idea because the body is achy. You may think, “A little relief from a massage may help” the answer to that is NO. No it will not. Towards the end of a illness the same thinking may be applied. Again this is not the best idea. Here are some reasons for why it is not a good idea.

Having something as simple as a common head cold can burst into a full blown illness. Making you feel worse then you did times two. When getting a massage it may seem like a great idea, when you are setting your body up for disaster. The circulation of the blood from the massage, flows more effectively through the body at a more rapid pace. When people tell me they have a little cold or is getting over a cold, (which is usually after I have arrived) I have to tell them this massage will do one of three things.

One) If at the end, it will flush it out of their system.
Two) Make the sickness full blown
Three) COME BACK with a vengeance.

The most important reason for not receiving a massage. You will get your therapist sick. The need to be mindful of others when a feeling of getting sick, in the middle of being sick and the end of being sick. Germs are spread. Coughing. Sneezing. Sore throat, etc. all could be spread. Not to mention not very relaxing if a coughing fit erupts. If we are sick we can’t work. No work means our income stops coming in. Most of us are self employed which means few sick days. None if possible.
Best remedy? Stay home. Your body needs to rest. Recharge and heal. The need of today is to go go go. This runs the body down. The immune system can not fight anymore. Result, getting sick.
So please if you feel sick do not schedule a appointment or just reschedule for a future date when the coast is clear.

A massage is to be enjoyed to the fullest without interruption. A healthy body is a happy body! 😊


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