Body Treatments

Swedish Massage

Designed to relax muscles by massaging from light to moderate pressure using Effleurage and Petrissage techniques. A great benifit of Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood. Stimulating circulation in The body helps the release of tension in the muscles invoking a relax state.

60 Minute Massage $125          90 Minute Massage $145



Pregnancy Massage

Perfect for mommies to be. This relaxing prenatal sidelying massage allows you to relax and drift away in pampered bliss. Slow Effelurage strokes gliding over the muscles helping the body sink into a trance like state. So many benifits from pregnancy massage. Relief from upper and lower back pain. Improved circulation within the body. Reduced swelling in tired feet.

                   *Must be past first trimester. Note from your doctor is also required*

60 Minute Massage $125           90 Minute Massage $145



Pregnancy Packages of 9 available for any mommie to be!

Wonderful concept, of making sure the expectant mother is comfortable throughout as well as after her pregnancy. One of my most popular packages. Great idea for the best baby shower gift! Making this delightful, thoughtful gift a  family and friend affair. Each contributing to the desired package chosen for the mother to be. Choose which slice of heaven you would like the 60 minute or the 90 minute packages. Mixing of the the two also available.



Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This treatment is beautifully aligned to give that deeper pressure. Targeting specific areas of the body that are needing more attention. Sore muscles benefit greatly from range of motion techniques. Helping alleviate chronic pain in the neck, shoulders,and back. Physically breaking down adhesions to relieve pain and help restore normal movement.

60 Minute Massage $145          90 Minute Massage $165



Bontempo Touch Massage (Signature Massage) 

This is my most popular treatments. A classic intertwine of deep tissue and swedish massage. Focusing on prime target areas with deep tissue work. While adding in swedish techniques to the areas that need a lighter  touch. Hot stones are added to the back to help soothe as well as help release the back and shoulder muscles. The massage finishes up with a light epsom salt scrub. Hot towels are applied to melt away the salt, giving the muscles a more intense relaxed exfoliated finish.

60  Minute Massage $165          90 Minute Massage $185



Hot Stone Treatment Massage 

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished stones are heated and incorporated into the massage. This massage begins with a 30 minute neck and shoulder warm up to help relax and release pent up stress. Preparing the body for this amazing cocoon of warmth.

90 Minutes Massage $185



Chair Massage Events

Available for the corporate side of the spectrum. Take a few minutes from the daily stress and grind of work, and recover some lost energy. Adding chair massage is giving back to the employees to help boost their energy, as well as rally the moral in the work place. Bringing positive results for employees to work with. A relaxed employee is a happy employee.

Please call for pricing.



*There will be a $20 mileage fee for over 30 miles*


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